Unicorn Pictures That Will Leave You Breathless

10 Unicorn Pictures That Will Leave You Breathless

Capturing a picture of a Unicorn is nearly impossible. They are rare, mythical creatures that only appear in virgin forests. Luckily Unicorn pictures do exist! There are amazing artists who will leave you breathless with their work. Here are 20 amazing unicorn pictures. Make sure to go follow and support them!

Unicorns by Manzanedo

Manzanedo on DeviantArt has some of the most beautiful artwork I’ve ever seen. The detail is absolutely amazing and the lighting is fantastic. He has a ton of amazing fantasy work from dragons to demons and griffons. Honestly go check out his site, support his work!

I’m 100% going to hire him for a commission sometime soon.

Unicorn II by Moroka323

Unicorn Picture Alaricorn

A Unicorn with Wings is called an Alaricorn. Even though this may be mis-titled the work is amazing. The lightning cracking through the background with the Alaricorn jumping off the ledge is perfection. I’m so impressed with the depth created in this piece by just a few shades of color.

Go check out moroka323 on Deviant Art and hire him for a commission.

Unicorn Vs Nightmare by Taure-Taulea

Unicorn and Nightmare Picture

Who doesn’t love an epic battle between good and evil? What’s not to love about this picture of unicorns. Yes.. a Nightmare is a type of Unicorn and how they are created is fascinating.

But I digress, I love how this photo goes from beautiful celestial white to dark black and reds. Go follow Taure-Taulea on DeviantArt, your feed will thank you.

Black Mountain Unicorn 2 by Sandara

Moon Unicorn Picture

Typically Unicorns are depicted as white majestic steeds with a single longhorn. That said this rendition is so good. To me, it feels like this powerful male unicorn with a moon-blade horn cutting through the space-time continuum. Leaving behind the winter wonderland and stepping through a portal to a new world.

Go follow Sandara and her work. Stylistically she has a wide variety of work.

Unicorn III – Powerhorse by BeckyKidus

black and white Unicorn Picture

This Unicorn Picture by BeckyKidus on DeviantArt is amazing. The line work for the fur is gorgeous. I love the head bowed down ready to charge into the dark unknown. It looks intimidating and real.

Go follow Becky on her Instagram @beckykidus

Unicorn mount by slipgatecentral

Unicorn mount picture

This Unicorn picture is such an interesting rendition. I love the gold ornamentation as it shows off how noble a beast a Unicorn really is. The horn spiraling out and slightly curved looks natural. I could see an epic warrior riding this unicorn mount into battle.

Go follow slipgatecentral

Unicorn Picture Clear by Yewrezz

Unicorn Picture in forest

When I think about the perfect rendition of a classical Unicorn. The white mare in the stories of King Arthur, this is the exact picture that comes to mind. I feel like I briefly caught a glimpse and if I exhale I lose sight of this majestic creature.

Go check out more of Yewrezz work.

Evening walk by LiigaKlavina

Unicorn Picture King Arthur

Speaking of classical King Arthurian tales, this picture of a black unicorn could be on the cover of an ancient story or on a stain glass window overlooking the holy grail.

Go follow LiigaKlavina on Facebook and Instagram 

Unicorn Fight by DolphyDolphiana

Unicorn fighting picture

Stylistically this Unicorn picture is very different from the others on the list. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, on the contrary, the two Unicorns fighting is awesome. The blue and the pink unicorns look like a male and female unicorn fighting. With two small children in the background.

Is this a lover’s quarrel? A mating ritual? Or a lesson for the children? You decided!

No matter what, go follow DolphyDolphiana and give some support!

Unicorns in Love by Mr-Ripley

Unicorn flying picture

The epic-ness of this Unicorn photo is amazing. Unicorns in clouds, lightning ripping through said clouds, a hawk flying. It’s kinda got it all! This piece is photo manipulation only, using various stock photos. Gotta love what the internet can create!

Follow Mr-Ripley and check out his amazing talented work.

These where 10 Unicorn Pictures That Will Leave You Breathless.

If you have some awesome Unicorn art, pictures, or designs that you want us to check out, leave a link below. Maybe we can feature it in our next article.