magical unicorn facts

61 Magical Unicorn Facts

Unicorns are awesome, unicorns are magical, unicorns are real! Want to impress your friends with all the magical unicorn facts. Look no further and dive into the fun world of magical unicorns with 61 magical unicorn facts.


Real Unicorn Facts


  1. A unicorn’s horn is called an ‘alicorn’
  2. A unicorn is a legendary and rare creature that many believed to be real for over 1600 years.
  3. Unicorns are real, you just might not believe what they looked like.
  4. The origin of the unicorn horn is from the real animal called a Narwhal
  5. The unicorn and unicorn-like creatures have been documented all around the world for thousands of years.
  6. The story of the white horse with the longhorn is originally from a King Arthur story.
  7. The Unicorn horn which is actually a Narwhal horn was believed to have magical powers. As such, it was traded for and revered in medieval times.
  8. The Narwhal/Unicorn horn can grow to astonishing lengths. The largest Narwhal horn is believed to be over 8.8 feet long!
  9. The Unicorn horn was so valuable that the King of Denmark made a throne out of them to showcase his grandeur.
  10. The English crown jewels, in the time of Elizabeth I, contained ‘the horn of a unicorn about eight spans in length, valued at pounds 10,000’, approximately pounds 10m in today’s money.
  11. Unicorn horns were literally worth 10 times its weight in gold. In 1560, German merchants sold a unicorn horn for an astronomical 90,000 scudi—then about £18,000—to the pope. Pharmacies in London sold powdered unicorn horn as late as 1741.
  12. It was believed that the only way to capture a unicorn was to bring along a virgin maiden on the hunt. The unicorn would see the virgin, run over and lay down next to her, putting its head in the virgin’s lap.
  13. A unicorn horn was believed to have magical powers.
  14. It was said that the horn of a unicorn could heal the wounded, cleanse poison from the body, and purify water.
  15. The unicorn has been cited in the bible on 9 different occasions!
  16. The oldest account of a Unicorn is from 5 BCE
  17. In Ancient Roman, a naturalist Pliny The Elder’s confused rhinoceroses with Unicorns!
  18. No one questioned Pliny The Elder’s work for over 1600 years and as such many silly additions were added to the tale of Unicorns.
  19. Pliney The Elder wasn’t the only one who confused rhinoceroses with unicorns. Famous explorer Marco Polo also thought he found unicorns when he stumbled upon a herd of rhinoceroses.
  20. The great conqueror Genghis Khan decided not to conquer India after meeting a unicorn which bowed down to him; he viewed it as a sign from his dead father and turned his army back.
  21. The earliest known writing of a Unicorn was from the Greek historian Ctesias in the 5th century BCE. He wrote that the beast had a white body, purple head, blue eyes, and a multicolored horn—red at the tip, black in the middle, and white at the base.
  22. There are 7 famous tapestries that depict unicorns.
  23. Legends say that Noah’s ark included a unicorn.


Modern Unicorn Facts


  1. The word Unicorn had a massive spike in Google search trends on April 16th 2017. What was the cause of this huge spike? Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks.
  2. The unicorn Frappuccino created 180,000 social media posts in one week
  3. The Unicorn Frappuccino increased Starbucks sales by 3% in just 5 days.
  4. A unicorn in the startup world is a billion dollar company.
  5. There are currently 227 Unicorn companies in the world.
  6. A unicorn also has an NSFW meaning for those into a certain lifestyle. If you don’t know what I am talking about you are too young to understand.
  7. Since 1971, Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan has issued unicorn hunting license. They advise carrying a flask of cognac and a pair of pinking shears.
  8. Unicorns are the national animal of Scotland
  9. A person can live a unicorn lifestyle without dipping into the NSFW world. They must follow the guide on how to be a unicorn.


Magical Unicorn Facts

  1. A unicorn cries silver tears that can heal wounds
  2. In the Harry Potter world, drinking the blood of a unicorn can give you a form of immortality but only as a half-life.
  3. A unicorn is an immortal being. Unicorns age but never die of old age.
  4. Unicorns live long lives because they always live near the fountain of youth.
  5. Spotting a unicorn while in a forest is a good omen.
  6. Unicorns only appear to those who are goodly in heart and mind.
  7. A unicorn is a gentle but fierce creature.
  8. A unicorn protects the forest it lives in from all manner of evil creatures.
  9. There are 4 types of Unicorns. Other versions of the unicorn are variations of these main 4 types of Unicorns.
  10. Unicorns speak celestial (the language of angels) but communicate to mortals through emotions and feelings.
  11. Certain Unicorns have different magical powers. The standard unicorn can heal those in need. Others can create rainbows and change the weather.
  12. Most unicorns live solitary lives for most of their lives.
  13. When two unicorns mate they perform a ritualistic mating dance with stomping hoofs and head nods to determine if they are a match
  14. When two male unicorns fight for the same female, they fight not with violence but with a beautiful display of rainbows.
  15. Whenever you see a double rainbow, that is two male unicorns competing for the affection of a female.
  16. Unicorn rainbows are made from the horn of a Unicorn purifying the water in the air. The water then refracts the light to create a rainbow.
  17. A pegasus is a type of unicorn that has no horn but wings.
  18. You can tell when a pegasus has been nearby the telltale sign of a light rain on a sunny day.
  19. As a pegasus flys through the air, it’s pure white feathers clean the air.
  20. Unicorns are dream creatures and can only be seen in waking dreams.
  21. Legends say that you can only find a unicorn in the light of a full moon.


Unicorn Spirit Animal & Dream Facts


  1. Unicorns as a spirit animal means opening up to the infinite possibilities of the universe.
  2. A Unicorns in a dream is a symbol of manifestation from the universe. You have the power to manifest your dreams and the clarity to make it happen.
  3. Seeing a unicorn walk through a forest in a dream means you have the ability to see through the illusions of life and transmute yourself into a new reality.
  4. Unicorns desire to show you that your failures are illusions. That every failure is just a single step towards success.
  5. Unicorns symbol the law of attraction and your manifestation abilities.
  6. Seeing a unicorn in the mist: symbolizes elusiveness, elegance, and consciousness.
  7. A unicorn can be a warning. Unicorns are known for being flirty, self-absorbed, out of touch and selfish
  8. A black unicorn is ultra rare: they symbolize is even greater yet their power comes with trials. Follow the black unicorn but beware of what lays ahead. Trials and tribulations may be ahead.


That was 61 Magical Unicorn Facts! Are there more unicorn facts that I missed? Share them in the comments and let’s see if we can get up to 101 magical unicorn facts.