About This Unicorn Life

Meet the Brains and the Heart Behind THIS UNICORN LIFE®


This Unicorn Life is a website dedicated to spreading positivity, talking about all things Unicorn related, a fun place to let go from the stress of the world and A shop filled with all things unicorn so you can express your inner radiance. 

How Did The Idea Start?

This Unicorn Life started out as a joke. The founder Austin, was having fun and decided to dress up as a giant purple Unicorn and do silly things for the internet. This silly internet joke turned out to make a lot of people happy. Which got other people spreading some positivity to those around them. What started out as a silly experiment, turned into a movement. 

A movement dedicated to spreading positivity, happiness and magic to the world. There can never be enough positivity and joy spread through out the world. This Unicorn life is a movement on spreading positivity and of course talking about Unicorns.

  1. We believe in a world where there is more good than bad.
  2. We believe in spreading positivity every day
  3. We believe in a world where Unicorns exist.
  4. We believe that humanity greatest gifts is love, compassion, empathy, and joy 
  5. We believe that together we are strong
  6. We believe that the glass is perpetually full
  7. We believe that play & imagination are not just for kids
  8. We believe in kindness

But how about this website you ask, why are your writing about Unicorns?

Truth be told, the website started out as a way to experiment. Austin has years of experience in marketing, social media, and search engine optimization. During quarantine and the covid-19 experience, Austin decided to brush off the ol cobwebs and do a side venture. 

Austin wrote a blog post describing what he was going to do and posted it on a niche sub-Reddit. 

The thing blew up! You can read the full post here:

After that, Austin made a second post talking about how he is growing the Facebook community, that also went mini viral. Read that here:

So, Austin has been continuing to show the process while having fun writing about Unicorns.

Meet the Founder: Austin Iuliano

Founder, Austin Iuliano has been obsessed with what it means to live a “unicorn life” for years. 

Austin Iuliano

Austin’s love for unicorns embraces life’s uniqueness: from expressing yourself and your unique gifts in this world, being an eternal optimist, creating business and live you love, and living an adventurous life (including making it to the front page of the Times Union paper in Albany for snowboarding as a teen in nothing but a leopard printed thong (yes this really happened))!

Austin has spent the last decade working with emerging social media companies, and big brands like Cellular One and Fox on their social media content direction. He’s also created the top-rated Facebook Advertising course on Skillshare (click that link for 2 months free access to the course!).

Austin’s business & marketing acumen has appeared in publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, Social Media Today, Business2Community, The Good Men Project, and more. 

You can find Austin talking about social media and public speaking on his Youtube Channel here, sporting his adventurous unicorn-filled lifestyle with 50K+ fans on Instagram here, 18k Twitter fans here, and 50K+ fans following his Unicorn musings on Tik Tok here. 


If you have a musing, inquiry, art submission, or need assistance with your THIS UNICORN LIFE® online order, please get in touch with us here: thisunicornlife@gmail.com