Alicorn The Winged Unicorn AKA: Alaricorn

The Alicorn or “winged Unicorn” is a combination of a Unicorn and a winged horse. There is some confusion in the name of Alicorn as Alicorn is Latin for “horn of unicorn”

This confusion was first caused by fantasy Piers Anthony naming his winged unicorn an Alicorn. Later this name was further popularized by the show `My Little Pony Friendship is Magic ` having main characters like Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia being an Alicorns. 

Alicorn MLP
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If you want to know the whole story of what a unicorn with wings is called.

Difference Between A Pegasus, Unicorn and Alicorn

The biggest difference between these three mythical creatures are in what they look like. 

  • The Unicorn is a white horse with a single spiraled horn in the middle of its forehead. 
  • A Pegasus or winged horse is just that, a horse with beautiful feathered wings. 
  • An Alicorn is a winged unicorn, a horse with beautiful wings and a large spiral horn in the center of its forehead.
Pegasus vs Unicorn vs Alicorn

Difference between pegasus unicorn and alicorn
Pegasus vs Unicorn vs Alicorn

The differences extend further then appearance. They also have unique magical abilities.

A unicorn has a series of magical abilities but most commonly the ability to heal and cure ailments.

The Pegasus carried Zeus’s lightning bolts to him on mount olympus.

The winged Unicorn has the best of both worlds. Wings and a horn means they can heal and have a strong affinity to lightning.

The First Mention in History & Mythology

The Pegasus is very prevalent in ancient greek mythology, being in stories with Perseus and Bellerophon. The Unicorn is most well known for the ancient arthurian legends, the origin of the unicorn is even more complex.

The Alicorn is first mentioned in middle of the 6th century B.C. The Metropolitan museum has a wonderful resource called The Ancient Seals from the Near East in the Metropolitan Museum: Old and Middle Persian Seals.

Where They Live and Play

Being creatures with a strong affinity to the air and sky elements, they spend the majority of their days up between the clouds. You are unlikely to encounter them the next time you fly across the country through. As most airlines fly at above the clouds at 35000 feet, and steer clear of thunderstorms.

Alicorns being completely immune to lightning strikes, like to play deep within a thunderstorm. When lightning strikes them, alicorns replenish their magic. Being charged up like a battery. 

 If you could fly up there, you would see groups of alicorns called wings, battling each other in the sky. 

They fly at each other clashing to see who is strongest. When the male horns clash together in these aerial combats, they cause massive lightning strikes to form.

You know there are alicorns battling when lightning is striking between clouds and not hitting the ground.

Do Alicorns Age?

Alicorns are not immortal unlike their unicorn brethren. They do live an extremely long time very much akin to elves in mythology. 50-100 years is the equivalent of 1 year for these winged creatures. 

Typically Alicorns live to the human equivalent  of 100 which can be anywhere between 5,000-10,000 years human years. 

As they age their ability to replenish their magic becomes more and more difficult. Like a phone being unable to hold a charge.

Eventually a group of 5 or more alicorns perform a ceremony that opens a doorway to the elemental plane of air, allowing the alicorn to retire. From there we don’t truly know what happens.

Do Unicorns Have Wings?

Since a unicorn and an alicorn are different species, you may be wondering if unicorns have wings. The answer is no. Unicorns do not have wings, only Alaricorns better known as Alicorns as have wings. 

Winged unicorns are a type of unicorn but overall they are different species. It’s kinda like a wolf and a dog. They are similar, but having a companion that is a Unicorn is very different then having a companion that is a winged unicorn.

How To Have A Pet Winged Unicorn

Since we mentioned it you’ll want to know how it is possible to win over the hearts of these magnificent creatures. Having a Unicorn as a companion is relatively easy compared to an alicorn.

The secret to having a winged Unicorn as a companion is best described in this fun infographic:

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10 Fun Facts About Winged Unicorns

Let us know if we missed anything about Alicorns the Winged Unicorns!

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