Are Unicorns Real?

Are Unicorns Real?

Unicorns have been mentioned throughout history for over 1600 years and the origin of the Unicorn is fascinating. With so many mentions of this mythical creature, it the question are unicorns real? The answer might surprise you.

Yes. They are real.

Unicorns in History

When you think of a unicorn, you most likely think of the white majestic horse with a large white horn. This type of unicorn has been popularized by pop culture, history, and most recently Dungeons and Dragons.

And while a large white horse with a horn sticking out of the top of its head isn’t real (at least to the best of our knowledge), the history of the unicorn is quite interesting. Some of the earliest mentions of unicorns were misrepresentations of the common Rhino. Then later the story evolved when sailors found Narwhal horns off the coast.

Real-Life Unicorns

Even though the mystical white horse with a large horn may not be real, there are real-life Unicorns. Like many things in life, things evolve and the meaning of a Unicorn has too.

Real-life Unicorns are people, situations, or experiences that are rare, magical, and all-around special.

What Does it Mean to Be Called a Unicorn?

A Unicorn is a rare, mythical creature. If someone is calling you a Unicorn they are saying you are rare, special, and amazing.

Generally speaking, Is it good to be called a Unicorn?

Yes, it is. Being called a Unicorn is a compliment to the highest level.

You can say with pride “I Am a Unicorn”

The Unicorn Lifestyle

Here at This Unicorn Life, we believe that being a Unicorn is a lifestyle. It becomes a way of taking on the day and bringing a little more good to the world. The world is hard enough as it is, and we can make it a little bit brighter.

If you desire to be a Unicorn make sure to spread some joy. While you are at it rock the Unicorn lifestyle and apparel.

Being a “Unicorn” in Business

If the person calling you a Unicorn is a boss or employer of some type, they are saying you can do everything under the sun extremely well.

For example, you may be a graphic designer by trade but you can also do amazing copywriting and also code websites. You have the creative and analytical brain in perfect harmony.

The engineers/lawyers who can also sell the idea to the client and bring in new business.

A Unicorn in business is also a startup worth 1 Billion dollars in valuation. This is the complete list of Unicorn Companies

Being Called A Unicorn by the Opposite Sex

Being called a Unicorn can refer to someone usually an attractive single female who is interested in joining a couple living the polyamorous lifestyle.

If you choose to go down that route there are some great resources online to do so safely and make sure no one’s feelings are hurt. Take your time and do your homework.