Black Unicorn
Black Unicorn

Black Unicorn Mythology Symbology and Meaning

Black Unicorns have become a popular focus in literature since Terry Brooks’ The Black Unicorn, the second novel in the Magic Kingdom of Landover. Without spoiling anything, it’s a fantastic series that I highly recommend if you are looking for a new series to pick up during quarantine.

If you are here to learn more about black unicorns, the mythology behind them, their magical powers and the symbology then you are in the right place.

Black Unicorn Mythology

There is a rare type of unicorn that is born on the full moon once every 700 years from the winged stardust of the Arora Borealis in the arctic circle during the full moon. It is a Black Unicorn.

Even though a Black Unicorn is born on a full moon, you can usually only spot one under a new moon during the witching hour. This is when they move about the world the most. This makes spotting a black unicorn incredibly difficult as us mortal humans do not see well in the dead of night.

Typically the witching hour is associated with the evil spirits of the world, but this doesn’t mean that black unicorns are evil or bad. You would be confusing a black unicorn with a Nightmare, a type of unicorn that has been corrupted.

Black Unicorn Symbology & Meaning

Black Unicorns are symbols of power, freedom, and the warrior spirit. Unlike the white unicorns, who are guardians of forests, Black Unicorns are the also guardians, but of the Unicorn race itself. They are constantly on the prowl for their mortal enemies, the Nightmares.

Ever seeking out their corrupted cousins and cleansing the world of evil, they have the ability to travel just about anywhere in the world at will.

If you happen to spot a Black Unicorn it means beware, evil is afoot. This doesn’t mean you need to be scared, as the most powerful protector is near you, but keep do your head on a swivel.

If you see a Black Unicorn in a dream, it’s telling you to follow your heart wherever you are being called to go. You have constrained yourself for too long in your own proverbial forest and must step between the worlds into the unknown.

It may be hard, and there will be challenges ahead, but if you run forward with confidence and stay true to your good nature, you will come out stronger than you could possibly believe.

Black Unicorn Horn Magical Powers

Like all Unicorns, the horn of a unicorn has magical powers of healing, able to instantly heal wounds and remove poison from any good creature it touches. This power is standard for all Unicorns, black, white, rainbow unicorns…It doesn’t matter.

But unlike their bright kin, Black Unicorn horns also can also destroy.

A Poison Like Effect

Don’t worry, if yo are a kindly creature or good-natured, you don’t have to worry. This horn’s negative effects won’t affect you. The most it will do is make you fall into a deep slumber.

That said if you are the Black Unicorn’s mortal enemy, beware! Any scratch scrape or piercing inflicted by a Black Unicorn to a Nightmare is lethal.

This is because the magic slowly returns the Nightmare back to its true form, curing the corrupting magic that caused the Nightmare’s ghastly transformation but also killing it in the process.

Cut Through Time and Space

The last magical power the Black Unicorn’s horn is the ability to create a rift in time and space. Their horn absorbs the ethereal power of a full moon. When it fills with this power, it will glow with a blueish light. The glowing horn can then cut a hole in time and space and can “step” through this rift to anywhere else in the world.

Alchemical Recipes & Spells

Black Unicorns have a very strong association with the moon. Being born under a full moon and gaining powers from the full moon and the stars, their magical energy allows them to move through space and time and is the key component for any spells of teleportation. Echoes of this power remain in their bodies, so you can imagine any regents made from Black Unicorns are as sought after as they are rare.

The easiest way to acquire components for spells is by finding some hair from their mane, their fur, or their poop. The hair and fur is black as midnight seeming to absorb all light. To verify that you do indeed have the right hair and/or fur, you must bring it in contact with moonstone. The moonstone will trigger a beautiful reaction between the two and a small aurora borealis will appear.

The black unicorn poop is much easier to identify. It will look like a piece of the Milkyway Galaxy has been dropped on the ground. The black will look as infinitely dark as space and stars will appear to twinkle from it.

Black Unicorn Image & Pictures

Are looking for pictures of Black Unicorns or images? Check out this amazing Pinterest board full of beautiful artwork. If you have your own, submit it to us and we will feature it!

Overall, Black Unicorns are amazing creatures and a sign of good fortune. Let us know if you found this article helpful or if you learned anything new!

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