How to Be a Unicorn: Guide to Being Magical

Good morning my beautiful aspiring unicorn friends!

So you want to be a unicorn, you want to live a magical awesome life! That’s awesome, I love it! Today I will show you how to be a unicorn: my guide to being awesome!

By the end of this guide, you will have all the knowledge you need to shoot rainbows from your horn and poop some ice cream!

What Does it Mean to Be a Unicorn?

The term unicorn has been used to describe many things. For some in the LGBTQ community, it is a special type of lady, (if you are in this community I don’t need to say anymore). If you are in the technology startup world, a Unicorn is a person who can do EVERYTHING. No matter how you want to define a unicorn, the origin of the unicorn is that whoever is the unicorn is unique.

In my humble opinion, Unicorns are the amazing people in this world who are here to make the world a better place.

They are not afraid to step up, be noticed, and put themselves out there. Unicorns know that sometimes in life we are going to fail and get knocked down. Unicorns are those people who decide to get up, brush themselves off and try again.

True unicorns focus on building other people up, lending a helping hand, and sharing positivity in the world. All the water in the ocean can not sink a ship unless water gets ‘s inside the ship. The same is true with unicorns.

All the negativity of the world cannot hurt a unicorn so long as the unicorn doesn’t allow it inside of them. This is why we as unicorns create positivity in the world because by doing so we attract more of it in our life.

How to Be a Unicorn: You Gotta Look the Part

There are many different types of Unicorns. Some who only showcase their inner unicorn but others who are a little wilder. What is the point of being a magical unique unicorn unless you let the whole world know how wonderful you are! Sure, you can be a unicorn on the inside but I highly suggest you embrace your inner unicorn and let it shine. Personally, I recommend rocking out in a full Unicorn Onesie.

I personally love the purple unicorn onesie with a rainbow horn, but you can rock the pajama onesie too! If you don’t want to rock the full unicorn onesie, you can also be a unicorn by showing off your majestic purple mane!

How to Be a Unicorn: Create Your Unicorn Persona

Every famous unicorn has an awesome name and special powers. For instance, the most famous unicorn of them all is my buddy Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash is loyal, competitive, self-confident, and brash. Rainbow Dash also has the magical powers to maintain the weather and clear the skies in Ponyville.

My unicorn name is Austin The Unicorn. I am silly, playful, confident, caring, and intelligent. My magical powers are I can always make people smile.

What is your unicorn name, powers, and personality, leave the answer in the comments below?

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Pro Unicorn Tip: If you are having a hard time coming up with your unicorn name, check out this amazing unicorn name generator.

Now we have our unicorn name, powers, personality, and we look the part. Time to really embrace being a unicorn and being super awesome.  So how do we be a unicorn? How do we share positivity with the world?

Here are a few ideas:

Give compliments to random strangers

By far, this is my favorite way to spread some positivity in the world. Find someone who you don’t know and say something nice to them. To give a great compliment, you want to find something specific and draw attention to it. complimenting people on what they are wearing is usually a safe bet.

Bro, I love your shirt it is dope” “hey, I just wanted to let you know that dress looks really great on you” “oh I love those earrings, they look great!”

Giving compliments to random strangers is super easy to do and a ton of fun! Make a game out of it with your friends to see how many smiles you can get from people. The key though is you have to be genuine when you do it!

Care about other people, especially strangers

I play this little game whenever I go to the grocery store. The goal of the game is to make the day of the checkout person.

As I get to the checkout person I take a quick look at the person’s name tag. Then as they start to check out my groceries, I use their name and say “How’s your day going?” in a really uplifting and genuine tone.

Using someone’s name is one of the secrets of the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. A must-read book!

What happens is usually one of three different responses.

The first response when I ask this simple question is complete shock and amazement!  These people are used to people just ignoring them while they do their job, they don’t expect a stranger to care about them. When you stop and care about them even for a little bit, it reminds them that the world is a-okay. #success

The second response is a “good and how about yours?” I love this response because I instantly say “my day is fantastic!

Fantastic is an amazing word. People don’t hear that your day/life is fantastic as most people respond with a simple “good.” They will respond with something along the lines of “wow I like that, why is it fantastic?

Shhh don’t tell anyone but I am secretly hoping they would ask this question! I am basically fishing to get people to engage with me in a positive experience.

Then, I share something that is truly fantastic, if I have something fantastic that is going on. If I don’t have anything fantastic going on in my life I say “Any day I am alive, is a day to be grateful and happy! That is why today is fantastic

99.99999999% of the time, this answer gets a great response! Not only is this idea 100% true, it also reminds people of that simple little truth. Life is precious and while we are here, even when things are going bad, we have a chance to make the world better.

The last response is a simple “good

Now when I hear a “good,” I hear something else. I hear “I have too much going on in my life and will give you a simple good as a social norm because I am obligated to answer.” You know those situations!

I love this answer because here is where we really get a great opportunity! How to be a unicorn comes down to how we react to situations in life. This is our time to shine as a unicorn!

I say to them “just good, anything I can do for you today to take your day from a good to a great?

Sometimes they respond with a “you just did, thanks so much!” Remeber showing people you care about them is a great way to spread some joy, just asking shows that you care. Sometimes I offer hugs or high fives because it is a little thing that can make a person smile.

Other times, the person tries to throw me for a loop so to speak. They say something like “got $1000 you want to give me.” or some other solution I cannot provide right there. Don’t despair my fellow unicorns, I got the solution for you!

I usually just say, “if I had an extra $1000 I would be happy to share it. That being said, I know that life is working in your favor and that $1000 you need is on it’s way to you faster than you know. I have faith that everything is going to work out for you in the perfect way.”

Of course, this makes the other person super happy. That is the goal, to bring a smile to some random strangers faces. Caring about other people is an easy way to make the world a little bit brighter.

In the end, spreading joy, positivity, and happiness is how to be a unicorn.

A Random Act of kindness

A final idea is to do something nice for a stranger. For instance, my friend Megan Snedden has an amazing youtube channel called the Kind Effect. Where she performs random acts of kindness. Check out this video below!

My Top Secret on How to be a Unicorn and Living a Magical Awesome Life:

Imagine that the world you live in is a giant pond. Every drop of water in the pond is a different person that you can in some way interact with and engage with.

Now you are standing on the edge of the pond overlooking the smooth clear water. If you pick up a rock and throw it into the pond, you will create ripples that will affect everyone in the pond.

That rock you throw in can either be a rock that is a negative emotion, or a rock that is a positive emotion. If you throw in a rock that is happiness, you create ripples of happiness around the pond. Eventually, those ripples hit the edge and bounce back.

My secret key on how to be a unicorn and living a magical awesome life is to create positivity in the world around you every day! What you put out in the world you will attract back 1000x in greater magnitude!

If this little article helped you understand a bit better how to be a unicorn and live a more magical life, let me know in the comments.

Also, share with me your unicorn name and powers!