pegasus the winged horse

Pegasus The Flying Horse

A Pegasus is the immortal winged horse of greek mythology. It’s one of the most well known mythological creatures. Pegasus are known to be a type of Unicorn according to the world of my little pony.  A pegasus is genetically very similar to unicorns as they are both part horses and can mate with each other. This of course forms a winged unicorn most commonly referred to as an Alicorn. 

The Mythology

The mythical winged horse was the offspring of Poseidon the god of the sea, and Medusa. The story goes that Poseidon saw the fair haired maiden and seduced her in the temple of Athena. Athena was angered by his sacrilegious act and cursed Medusa to become the snake haired gorgon. When the gorgon Medusa was beheaded by Perseus, the horse pegasus sprang from the blood of Medusa.

Pegasus being the son of Poseidon was given some of his gifts. Wherever Pegasus hoof touched the ground a spring of fresh water would sprout up. It is said all the freshwater in the world is under the domain of Pegasus.

The Greek hero Bellerophon tamed Pegasus with the help of goddess Athena, who gave the young man a golden bridle in his sleep. 

Pegasus was tamed by Bellerophon, who led him into the fight against fire – breathing chimera. With Pegasus he finished his mission to defeat the Chimera, a fearsome monster that was a combination of a lion, snake and goat.

After his many successes Bellerophon in his hubris tried to fly with Pegasus to the summit of Olympus. To take his place amongst the immortal gods on Mount Olympus. The gods particularly Zeus sent a fly to sting Pegasus. Bellerophon was thrown and so fell unceremoniously back to earth.

Being freed from his burden, continued to Olympus, where he occupied the stables of Zeus. Zeus, the father of all gods, used this magnificent winged creature to transport lightning bolts and help bring the dawn. 

Pegasus was so loved by the ancient corinthians he was worshipped as a deity. The ancient coins of Corinth had images of the winged horse cut onto the coins.

Magical Powers

As the spring bearer, the Pegasus has the power to create fresh bubbling springs wherever his hoof touches the ground. The most well known of these springs is the Hippocrene a spring on Mount Helicon. It was sacred to the Muses and formed by the hooves of Pegasus. Its name literally translates as “Horse’s Fountain” and the water was supposed to bring forth poetic inspiration when imbibed. He is known as the hippocrene horse.

The second power is a lesser known one that was given more prominence to the offspring of the winged horse. That is the affinity to lightning, from the many years of service to Zeus. Alicorns, also called Alaricorns are the offspring of the winged horse and a Unicorn. They have a much stronger affinity to lightning.

Symbology, Meaning and In Dreams?

The winged horse is a symbol of imagination, power and speed. Being used in company logos such as Exxon Mobil for over 90 years. 

If you see a Pegasi in a dream or a vision it is a symbol of speed, strength, and artistic inspiration. The winged horse is a master of the ground and the air. It means you are being guided to the spirit realm where your imagination, inhibitions, desires, expression and spirit can soar free.

In Pop Culture

As one of the most commonly used mythological creatures Pegasus appear in a ton of pop culture. Some of the most popular mentions of this winged horse are:

Dungeons and Dragons:

The pegasus is a “monster” that adventurers can meet. Typically adventurers attempt to domesticate and ride them. Want to use them in your next D&D game check out the website monsters know what they are doing, in particular look at the nightmare tactics. There is an easy and fun adventure of saving the pegasus from being corrupted. 


The pegasus is in many different books. Leave a comment with your favorite book below:

Personally I’ve been re-reading the legend of drizzt series. Drizzt encounters a Unicorn early on, being a symbol of the goddess Mielikki, and later meeting elven warriors riding pegasus.

T.V and film:

The most popular show that features pegasus is my little pony, friendship is magic. 

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