Rainbow Unicorns: How To Make Them Real

Do rainbow unicorns exist? No, sadly they do not. That doesn’t mean they can’t exist, you see we have a secret solution to making this happen. First a bit of history lesson, it’s important to understand how to make rainbow unicorns become a reality.

Why Unicorns are Associated With Rainbows

Unicornis originalis is the official name of the snowy white horse-with-a-horn that most people think of when the hear the word “unicorn.”  Though there are a variety of unicorns in many colors, this first unicorn is also the source of the association between unicorns and rainbows.

Yes, yes. I know there are many other explanations for the connection. There are the “unicorns will lead you to the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow” nonsense. As if unicorns would ever play such a dirty trick on a leprechaun.  Other suggestions include the idea of how both unicorns and rainbows dazzle with their beauty and cause a person seeing one to feel indescribable happiness. But if that were so, the saying would be “unicorns, rainbows, and pizza.”

Unicorns are associated with rainbows because they make them. Or more precisely, their coat makes them. 

You know how snow looks white when it’s just frozen water? Water that is clear and colorless? Or think about polar bears. They look white but their fur actually has no pigment. Well, the same can be said of unicorns.

Picture their fur as soft, clear crystals. They themselves have no color. Under normal conditions, the crystals resonate with the entire light spectrum and so appear white. (NOTE: If you shine an ultraviolet light on them, they will shine up as bright as cat pee on a carpet.)

Normally, this fur causes unicorns to appear as luminous white beings. But when the light hits them at certain angles, like raindrops after a storm, their fur will throw off a rainbow halo. Sometimes, like the rainbows you see everywhere, it is a partial arc halo. But sometimes they are encased in a full ring of multicolored rainbow shimmery-ness that is wonderful to behold.

And get this: double rainbows are even possible, though extremely rare. 

(WARNING: Do not walk into the radius of a unicorn double rainbow. They lead to other dimensions, some of which are not on the same 3-D plan as our universe. You could find yourself in a five-dimension world curved in on yourself like an Escher print or a 2-dimensional flatland doing a Wile E. Coyote impersonation of roadkill.)

Are There Any Unicorns That are Colored Like a Rainbow

Weren’t you paying attention for the last 500 words? There’s rainbow-colored unicorn poop and there’s rainbows that ring the unicornis originalis, but there is no rainbow-colored unicorn. (Unless one decides to march in a Gay Pride parade, then maybe with the help of some washable hair dye, you might see one. But in nature? No.)

What Do Rainbows and Unicorns Symbolize

Symbols are social constructs and so have no relation to unicorns themselves. They don’t really care what you think they mean. They are too busy being nearly perfect beings living in beauty and grace. (Except for that one unicorn war. But really, the pegasi were to blame for that.)

But people care, and if you are reading this, the odds are well over 90% that you are human. And humans can make meaning out of anything. So what alchemy happens in the mind of humans when they put rainbows and unicorns together.

Rainbows and Unicorns means… Bliss. Perpetual bliss. The perfect moment. The happiest-ever-after. No flaw, not now, not ever, the apotheosis of anything and everything. If you took every single happy emoji on social media and smooshed it into a single image, the hearts and smiley faces, fireworks and roses, the kiss and the thumbs up, and any other sugary-sweet idea of dreams come true, you would find not a lumpen mess but a rainbow and unicorn at serene and joyful play.

Are there Rainbow-Colored Unicorns? or Do rainbow-colored unicorns exist?

The answer is yes and no. If you look online, you can find pictures of unicorns with rainbow-colored horns, rainbow manes and tails, even rainbow bodies. Anything you can find a picture of exists somewhere, if only in the imagination of the artist. 

If you’re asking whether these unicorns are real, the answer is no.

But don’t despair…Now I’ve made you cry.

Yes, you want them to be real with all your heart. Do something about it. Unicorns are magical creatures, and it is quite possible for rainbow unicorns to BECOME real. And you could be a part of making it happen. 

Here’s how it works. All kinds of imaginary beings flit through the human imagination. Most of the time, these are just a passing shadow. But sometimes, these fantastical beings snag on something in the universal consciousness. They trigger an Aha! of recognition deep in the human psyche. These images linger, jump from person to person, and grow into full-blown myths. From there, it is simply a matter of numbers for the myth to take weight and form. When enough people believe, the invisible and imaginary becomes visible and real.

After all, that was the message of “The Secret

This is what happened with unicorns in general. The idea of a magical horse with a horn that embodied the virtues of strength, honor, and purity cropped up in just about every culture in the world. When the critical mass of desire for their existence was reached, unicorns entered this world from the next. 

In the past, this kind of mass belief across cultures and continents was extremely rare. However, the world is a very different place today from Biblical Times. And we’re not just talking better roads and transportation. We’re talking communication. The internet. Social media.

It only would take a few devoted believers to foster worldwide agreement on the existence of what would surely be a marvelous addition to the unicorn pantheon. Get action going on Pinterest, Insta, and Reddit, and the critical mass could take months instead of millennia. 

(PHILOSOPHICAL MUSING: Wouldn’t it be great for the internet to be used for some honest-to-unicorn magical conjuring instead of the same old scientific ones-and-zeroes rationality for a change?)

So if you want to bring rainbow unicorns out of the Neverland of imagination into the reality of modern life, here are some things you could do right now to help make it happen:

Make Rainbow Unicorns Real By:

Step 1) Share this image out on social media

Rainbow Unicorn
What A Rainbow Unicorn Looks Like

Why this image and not some beautiful rendition of a rainbow unicorn? Well, it’s quite simple, the more simple the idea is, the stronger it can become. The rainbow unicorn can then take our idea and manifest itself in whatever shape it needs.

Step 2) Empower the image through a ritual.

This can be any type of ritual that brings you happiness and joy, our recommendation is grabbing a “I couldn’t be more magical if I tried” coffee mug. Every morning drink out of that and wish a Rainbow Unicorn comes down and blesses you with kisses.

Step 3) This is the MOST important step, Spread joy.

Rainbow Unicorns are a bit fickle of creatures. They only like hanging out with people who spread joy, positivity, and happiness to others. So you need to go out and do something positive for someone else. This can be as simple as leaving a nice comment on social media or something grandiose.

In the end, as long as you are spreading positivity and joy, the most important step in creating a rainbow unicorn is done. Those three simple steps and you can help manifest a rainbow unicorn into the world.

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