Purple Unicorn Onesie & Costume

The Best Unicorn Onesie

Unicorn Onesies are all the rage right now and of course, why wouldn’t they be? Who wouldn’t want to run around like a giant rainbow Unicorn? There are a ton of Unicorn Onesie you can get on Amazon and other places, and it can be overwhelming.

You don’t want to waste your money on a cheaply made, uncomfortable Unicorn onesie. Don’t worry we will share with you the very best Unicorn Onesie for you.

What Makes The Best Unicorn Onesie

How we rate unicorn onesies is on very strict criteria of comfy, durability, horn design, and overall style.

If you trust our judgment and just want the overall very best one here is the link: Unisex Adult Unicorn Sleepwear Onesies Outfit.

It also happens to be the #1 Ranked Product on Amazon, so it’s not just our opinion.

My Personal Favorite Unicorn Onesie: The Alaricorn

As an adult man who regularly dresses up as a Unicorn, I have unique tastes. You see I can’t rock out the pink glittery girly unicorn onesie, I gotta be manly… ok I’m not manly.

The Manliest Man there is on a Unicorn

I’m not going to rock a hot pink Unicorn Onesie. I have a more refined taste. I’m more of an Alaricorn, what’s that you say. You don’t know what an Alaricorn is? Well silly it’s a Unicorn with Wings.

But I digress… My personal favorite Unicorn Onesie is this one.

I love the white and purple look as it is just magnificent. Honestly, It is one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn and it is super warm. Sometimes a bit too warm being in Southern California.

It also has a handy-dandy back zipper area if the sudden late-night urge to release some Unicorn Poop happens! Which has saved me on a couple of occasions… sorry for the TMI but it’s a useful feature!

Never the less the Unisex Adult Unicorn Sleepwear Onesies Outfit is an amazing and worthwhile purchase. I highly recommend it 15/10

The Downside to The Adult Unicorn Onesie

Depending on how big you are, finding the right one to fit you can be a little challenging. Sizing for the onesies runs big, but for a 6-foot tall man (182 cm) like myself the XL size ended up fitting perfectly.

For example the listed size chart is

  • Size S for height 150-159cm
  • Size M for height 160-169cm
  • Size L for height 170-179cm
  • Size XL for height 179-186cm

Just take this into account when you are making a purchase. The other downside is the quality of the material and the stitching. If you are wearing this around the house and not being active, you should have no problem.

I on the other hand, have a small puppy that loves to chase me and bite at my tail. This has caused me to rip the crotch area a bit and of course the tail area.

Not really a fault of the company as I don’t think they meant for the Unicorn onesie to be a toy for dogs. Just something to be aware of.

With all that said, I have one more Unicorn onesie or unicorn costume that I want to share with you all.

The Most Magical Of Unicorn Costume

Sometimes you aren’t looking to be the comfiest coziest Unicorn in the whole wide world, you want to show off your Unicorn magic. How bold and auditions you can be. You want to turn heads and make the world sparkle.

If this is your goal, I have to recommend this Unicorn costume.

Look at it! It’s so magical I’m gonna die!!!

seriously, this thing get’s heads to turn… trust me I know, I’ve gone viral dressed up in this costume.

There are a Couple of Downsides

It’s crazy hot. The thing doesn’t breath at all. It’s meant to be a Halloween costume that you wear in the middle of winter out trick or treating. If you are running around in the sun or under bright lights you will get hot fast.

It “sheds” inside and out. Your clothing is going to be covered in some sort of fiber and the outside slowly losses it’s sheen. Granted the outside sheen is only noticeable if you wear it a ton. I bought a new version 6 months later after wearing it 5+ days a week for 2-4 hours a day.

Yes, I live streamed in this costume dancing around like a silly person to over 1 million followers on musical.ly/tiktok.

That is my list of favorite and best unicorn onesie and unicorn costume. Let me know if you have one in the comments. If you don’t, what are you waiting for! Seriously, go get one right now. Here is the link again cuz I love you that much Unisex Adult Unicorn Sleepwear Onesies Outfit

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