Types Of Unicorns: 4 Mythical Creatures

Good morning my beautiful aspiring unicorn friends! The other day we chatted about how to be a unicorn. Now you might be wondering if there are different types of Unicorns? Depending on your sources there are generally speaking three to five different types of unicorns that you should be aware of.


Of course, the origin of the Unicorn is from the story of King Arthur and the Narwhal horns as evidence of a Unicorns existence. That being said there are many types of Unicorns in our collective imagination and pop culture that we will be exploring. 


The Original Type of Unicorn


The original unicorn or better known as the European Unicorn is the version most people are familiar with. Best known as a beautiful white horse with a single ivory horn protruding from the head. This type of unicorn is the one that was mentioned in the story of King Arthur.



Images and depictions of this type of Unicorn can be seen in ancient England tapestries. According to the legends, a Unicorn has many magical properties. Depending on the source and legend the Unicorn horn also known as an alicorn is said to heal those it touches, remove poison from the body, and purify water.


Additionally, a Unicorn will only show itself to those pure of heart. Usually to a maiden but sometimes noble warriors such as King Arthur.


Modern Day Unicorn Lore


As time passes the mythology of the unicorn evolves to fit the medium in which it is expressed. The best representation of the modern day Unicorn is expressed in the pen and paper game dungeons and dragons. An expert from Dungeons and Dragons on unicorns states:

A unicorn’s lair might be an ancient ruin overgrown with vines, a misty clearing surrounded by mighty oaks, a flower-covered hilltop alive with butterflies, or some other serene woodland location.

Unicorns dwell in enchanted forests. Unrelated to the horses it resembles, a unicorn is a celestial creature that wanders sylvan realms, its white form glimmering like starlight.

A unicorn’s brow sports a single spiraling horn of ivory whose magical touch can heal the sick and the injured. Its ears catch the words and whispers of the creatures that share its domain, and it knows the tongues of elves and sylvan folk. Unicorns allow good-hearted creatures to enter their woods to hunt or gather food, but they hold evil ever at bay. Foul-hearted creatures seldom leave a unicorn’s domain alive.

I highly recommend checking out Dungeons and Dragons to learn more about the modern day lore of Unicorns.


Types of Unicorns: Pegasus


A Pegasus is what some would consider the cousin of a Unicorn. A Pegasus is a winged horse that is also usually pure white in color. Unlike Unicorn’s a Pegasus has no horn. Yet both are said to only interact good and noble creatures.


The Pegasus is from ancient Greek mythology and is the symbol of wisdom, fame, and poetry. Legend has it Pegasus was caught by the Greek hero Bellerophon. The story of Pegasus and Bellerophon is widely different compared to the Disney classic story of Hercules and Pegasus.

(one of my all-time favorite Disney movies)


Overall there is Pegasus can be grouped as a type of Unicorn. This is because there are so many similar base properties both in legend and pop culture.


Types of Unicorns: Pegacorn and Bright Pegasi

The Pegacorn and the Bright Pegasi are two names for a new type of unicorn. When a Unicorn and a Pegasus mate a Pegacorn is birthed. A Pegacorn is a Pegasus with a Unicorn horn and is usually showcased with rainbows.


A Pegacorn usually becomes the noble steed for divine heroes of the highest order. Archangels sometimes raid them into battle against the forces of evil. Whenever you see a Pegacorn, know that good is near. Either you are expressing good or that good is on your side assisting you in your journeys.


Type Of Unicorns: Nightmare

We can’t talk about the different types of Unicorns without talking about Nightmares. A nightmare appears in a cloud of roiling smoke, its mane, tail, and hooves wreathed in flame. The creature’s unearthly black form moves with supernatural speed, vanishing in a cloud of brimstone as quickly as it appeared.


A Nightmare isn’t birthed into being, they are created by performing a dark ritual on a Pegasus. The ritual that creates a nightmare requires the torturous removal of a pegasus’s wings, driving that noble creature to evil.


A similar ritual can occur in the rare cases when an evil creature is able to capture a Unicorn. Obviously, this is a bad omen and the forces of good rally to protect and stop that from happening.


Overall, there are a few different types of unicorns in pop culture and history. This isn’t an extensive list as mentioning all types of unicorns in history is extensive. These types of unicorns mentioned above are the most prevalent in our society. That being said, did I miss any? Is there a type of Unicorn I should add?

Let me know in the comments.