The Complete Guide To Unicorn Horns

Unicorn Horn: The Complete Guide

“Walking through the valley of a long forgotten forest. I turned around a bend and saw a beautiful white horse stepping through the forest. Sitting a top this horses head is a 3 foot long white iridescence spiraling horn.

Whispering under my breath “a Unicorn.” It seems that my many long days of searching came too fruition. Finally I could study these rare and elusive creatures.”
Merlin The Magician, First Lore-master of Unicorns.

A note from Austin Head of Unicorn Magic. What is to follow are a compilation of Merlin’s notes on Unicorns dating back to Arthurian times in the 6th century.

What is A Unicorn Horn Called

A Unicorn horn is called an Alicorn. Often a winged unicorn is called an Alicorn as well, but this is a mistake. The name Alicorn only refers to the horn of a unicorn, not the majestical winged beast. The Alicorn is a rare component used in alchemical mixtures for creating tonics and tinctures of a healing nature.

The Narwhal horn is often mistaken as a Unicorn horn. It’s become one of the main pieces of evidence that unicorns are real. If you are interested in further reading, check out the origin of the Unicorn.

What Is The Horn Of A Unicorn Made Of?

Depending on the type of Unicorn, the horn can be made out of many different things. A Narwhal horn is made of Ivory, whereas most people who make an Alicorn do so out of paper or clay. You can also simply buy one here.

But I’m guessing you don’t care about a Narwhal horn or how to DIY make an Alicorn.

If you are talking about the original unicorn, the white steed. That horn is made of bone infused with the magic of starlight to strengthens it. A horn of a Unicorn is said to be strong enough to pierce steel.

White Unicorn Horn

You would think the Black Unicorn horn would be made out of starlight too. Especially since they have an even heavier association with Starlight than any other Unicorn. In reality their horns are made out of a combination of bone, infused with moonstone and the remnants of a Newtonian star,

Black Unicorn Horn have a lightish blue glow

As you can see there are many different materials the horn of a unicorn is made of. It reality some say that every horn is as different and unique as a fingerprint is to a human.

Can a Unicorns Horn Regrow?

In the Harry Potter Universe a horn of a unicorn can shed and regrow, much in the same way a deer sheds its antlers. That said shedding horns is total malarky.

An Alicorn is incredibly strong and rarely breaks. Therefore it is still unknown if a horn can regrow. We do know however that they do appear to heal themselves to a small degree.

If two Unicorns battle over a mate the horns can scrap and cut into each other. After the battle subsides these horns over time appear to heal into their perfect white state. To a small degree horns do heal but we’ve never seen a full horn regrowth.

You sometimes can find unicorn horn shavings on the ground. These are extremely rare and valuable for their magical property. One ounce of Alicorn shavings goes for well over $10,000 USD.

What Magical Powers Does It Possess?

A horn of a unicorn has many magical properties. Some of these properties are universal for all types of unicorns, others properties are exclusive. First off all unicorns have these magical abilities:

  • Healing of wounds
  • Cure poison and disease
  • The power to move “step” into virgin forest
  • Ability to know truth and intention
  • Light up darkness
  • Telepathy
  • Walk on rainbows

Whether these powers derive from the horn of a unicorn or the unicorn itself we don’t fully know. We do know that all unicorns have these powers.

Magical Powers Specific to Different Types of Unicorns

There are 4 Main Types of Unicorns, but each of those types has various subtypes or species of unicorn under the main umbrella. Each of those types has unique magical powers associated with them.

The Black Unicorn for instance has two unique magical powers associated with its horn. The first is a poison like effect that is used against its arch-nemesis the Nightmare. The second is the ability to cut a hole in space and time to step through.

The Alaricorn has the unique power of electromagnetism. Which it can use this ability to control lightning and make itself radar reflective.

What about the rainbow unicorn you ask? Well, you are just gonna have. to read up on it.