What Do Unicorns Eat?

What Do Unicorns Eat?

Unicorns eat like all animals do. A unicorn is a mythical creature that lives in multiple dimensions at once. Living both in the astral plane and the material plane. This means that a unicorn must eat food that nourishes both of its bodies. 

The Myth of Candy

You may think that unicorns love to eat candy, you would be wrong. For some reason pop culture thinks unicorns eat ice cream, candy, and sugary snacks all day.

While unicorns do have a bit of a sweet tooth they prefer to satisfy that craving by eating wild berries.

Eating candy isn’t something Unicorns actually do.

What Does a Unicorn Eat

Unicorns have the digestive system of a horse and they eat mostly grass and fresh berries. Unicorns prefer grass that is covered in fresh morning dew. This is due to the nature of morning dew being formed at nighttime in the light of the moon.

As the air cools down at night, water vapor in the air condenses on grass. As the little droplets of water are sitting on the grass they absorb the moon’s light. Moonlight is a very powerful magical substance and helps feed their astral body.

How Unicorns Feed Their Astral Body

Along with unicorns eating the fresh morning dew, unicorns feed their astral bodies through good vibrations.

Unicorns love good vibrations. Whenever you share positivity in the world, think of something that makes you happy or do something to help others. You send out good vibrations into the collective consciousness. 

Unicorns are able to sense these good vibrations and are attracted to them. Without you knowing it, you are feeding a Unicorns astral body. They use these good vibes to plant positive dreams into those around them. 

If you are able to fully embody being a unicorn, creating tons of positivity in the world, you may just catch a glimpse or meet a unicorn.

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