What Does it Mean to be a Unicorn

Are you a unicorn? What does it even mean to be a unicorn? Depending on the context being called a unicorn can mean wildly different things. I briefly touched on some of the different meanings in my article on how to be a unicorn. I feel though that this warrants a much greater discussion.

Be a Unicorn Person?

A Unicorn is a rare, magical, mythical creature. Being called a Unicorn at its core means you are rare.

The origin of a unicorn is quite fascinating and something I highly recommend reading upon. We know that Narwhal horns are the evidence of Unicorn existence and the oral stories of  The Legend of King Arthur cemented the white horse with a single horn on its head as the figure we know today.

What does it mean to be a unicorn or more likely, what does it mean when someone refers to themselves or someone else as a unicorn? Depending on the context a Unicorn can be a number of different things.

In the LGBTQ community, a unicorn is a hot bi-sexual girl who is open to joining a couple for some late night fun. This is because finding the right third person for some late night fun is extremely hard and rare. Just like finding an actual unicorn.

In the context of the business and startup world, a Unicorn company is a company that hits 1 billion dollars in valuation. Here is the complete list of all unicorn startups.

If someone in the business world is called a unicorn it is a person who can do a wide range of skills extremely well. For instance, they might be experts at SEO, Social Media, can do design and branding, and also know direct sales copywriting. Someone like that can build entire marketing systems for you and make you a ton of money.

What Does it Mean to Be a Unicorn Here at This Unicorn Life?

Here at This Unicorn Life I, believe anyone can be a unicorn. In my humble opinion, Unicorns are the amazing people in this world who are here to make the world a better place. They believe in spreading positivity and sharing their gifts with the world.

I believe there are 4 core tenants to being a unicorn

  • Unicorns are positive and do their best to help others be positive too
  • Unicorns are not afraid to step up and be seen.
  • Unicorns are fearless in the face of adversity
  • Unicorns bring a smile to the faces of those downtrodden.

What Does it Mean to be a Unicorn: Being Positive

Imagine the world you live in as a giant crystal clear and smooth pond. Every person you will ever interact with or have an effect on is a drop of water in this pond. If you were to take a stone and throw it into the pond there would be a big splash and some ripples. Those ripples would bounce off the edge of the pond and come back to you.

Your effect on the world is like throwing a stone into the center of this metaphorical pond. You get to choose if you want to throw in a stone that is labeled positive or negative. Either way, your actions will affect those around you and ripple back to you.

To be a Unicorn means to throw in stones of positivity and allow the ripples to affect as many people as possible.

What Does it Mean to be a Unicorn: Be Brave

Fear is a natural part of life. The only way to make it through life and never experience fear is to be dead. Fear will always happen, and that is okay. Because without fear there can never be bravery.

It takes bravery to raise your hand in class and answer a question, especially when you get the question wrong and you raise your hand to answer the next one.

It takes bravery to step up in front of a group of people speaking on stage to hundreds of people

Yep, I do that

It takes bravery to embrace who you are and being okay with people thinking you are weird. Heck, there is a whole group of men who love dressing up as unicorns. They are called bronies!
Unicorn onesies

Unicorns understand that fear is an opportunity for us to be brave. No matter how big or how small the fear is!

Unicorns Want to Be Seen

Unlike many different types of unicorns of the ancient equestrian variety, This Unicorn life unicorns are meant to be seen. Every single person in this world has the power to be unique and do great things.

Some of those who do step up will have a harder road to travel. Some who do step up will be that spark that lights a fire and changes the world. Sometimes though that spark will only change a single person close to you.

Let me be clear, not everyone in the world will step up. There are those who will reside themselves to a boring mediocre life. Who won’t amount to much, not because they can’t but because they are afraid to step up and be seen. They are afraid to walk through the fire and be brave.

Everyone isn’t meant to be a unicorn. That is what makes us unique. Those who are willing to walk through the flames, those who are willing to live life to the fullest and take on adversity with a smile on there face will be.

True unicorns are meant to be seen. When you step up and move forward confidently, you will be shown your gifts. Then take those gifts and share them with the world.

Warning: You don’t have to rock a Unicorn Onesie to be a Unicorn, be we do highly recommend it! it feels great being a magically awesome individual.

What Does it Mean to be a Unicorn: Be Kind

You never know what others are going through. In the course of any given day, you might interact with an average of say 25 or more people. Forever single person you interact with, you are just a side character to their life. They are the lead performer, the frontman, the center of their own little world. Therefore your job is to be the best supporting actor in their play.

In essence, your job is to be that magical spark that lights up someone’s day. In doing so you share with them the secret formula on how to be a unicorn. You get to lead others into this land of kindness and spread it with the world.

Take time out of your day and be kind to those around you. Practice what it means to be a unicorn every day. Are there any other things that make a unicorn a unicorn?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!